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We’re embarking on a new chapter for Google for Startups UK with the decision not to reopen our Campus in London. Learn how we’ll continue helping startups here.

Start. Build. Grow.

Whether you’re starting out, or scaling to meet demand, connect with the right people, products, and best practices to help your startup grow.

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About Google for Startups

We're on a mission to support thriving, diverse, and inclusive startup communities around the world.

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How we help

  • Use Google technology

    Reach more customers, build better products, and run more efficiently by using innovative Google tools and platforms.

  • Learn best practices

    Lead more effectively—and make better-informed tech, product, and marketing decisions—with Google resources, trainings, and mentoring.

  • Meet the right people

    Connect with product experts, fellow founders, and potential investors through Google’s startup community.