Where’s Campus?

We’re located in Praga district, in the old Vodka Factory, at metro Dworzec Wileński

When’s Campus open?

The Campus Cafe is open to Campus members from Monday-Friday 9:00-18:00. On weekends we often open for events. Coworking residents can access the building 24/7.

What kind of events do you hold at Campus?

Events of all types are welcome at Campus- everything from hackathons to conferences, demo days to workshops. Anyone can apply to use our event space for free as long as the event is free and for tech entrepreneurs. For more information, head to our "Events" tab.

What will I find at Campus?

Let’s start on the ground floor, which houses the reception, the Campus Cafe, and our 180-person event space, and our classroom. On the ground floor, first floor, and second floor we have coworking space, including open workspace, offices, and meeting rooms.

Why did Google start Campus?

Google began as a startup in a garage and we’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed. We believe in the convening power of physical space, so we create Campuses – hubs where entrepreneurs can discover a supportive community, get to work on their big idea, and gain access to critical resources like mentorship and technical training. Entrepreneurs build transformative products that can solve some of our biggest challenges. These same entrepreneurs also create jobs, strengthen economies, and improve the web.

Why should I sign up for Campus membership?

Register on campus.co/warsaw to become a member. It is free and simple, and you’ll join our community of founders, entrepreneurs and startup lovers, enjoying fast wifi and great coffee. You can work from our cafe Monday-Friday, rubbing shoulders with some of Warsaw's brightest startups. Google for Startups Campus in Warsaw is a hub for the region- you may meet people from many cities in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech and around the world.

Who can use the cafe?

Our registered members get access to our Cafe operated by a local coffeeshop. You'll get free access to our fast wifi and the community at Campus. Sign up for free at campus.co/warsaw.