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This site will transition to startup.google.com soon. Please visit us there to find information about Google for Startups Campus.

Campus Madrid FAQs

What is Campus?

Google for Startups Campus is home to Google for Startups in Spain. A physical space for our community, where tech-based startups enjoy the best of Google with free trainings, mentoring, education, and a diverse community of like-minded, problem-solving entrepreneurs.

Where’s Campus?

Google for Startups Campus is located in the heart of Madrid, Moreno Nieto, 2, 28005, Madrid.

How do I get there?

Bus: C1 or C2 (Ronda de Segovia-Segovia).

Metro: Principe Pío (Line 10), La Latina (Line 5), or Opera (Line 2).

What are the opening hours?

Resident startups can access Campus 24/7.

Why did Google start Campus?

Google began as a startup in a garage and we’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed. We believe in the convening power of physical space, so we create Campuses—hubs where entrepreneurs can discover a supportive community, get to work on their big idea, and gain access to critical resources like mentorship and technical training. Entrepreneurs build transformative products that can solve some of our biggest challenges. These same entrepreneurs also create jobs, strengthen economies, and improve the web.

About Google for Startups Campus

When we had to close Campus’ doors and move our programs and community online, to continue supporting founders and their teams, we took the opportunity to expand our reach beyond the Campus walls. During this time, the startup ecosystem continued to move forward and Google for Startups has evolved too, with new programs, mentoring sessions and a set of tools and best practices to accompany startups in their journey.

The space is now focused on supporting startups from our alumni and partner communities. More than 100 companies are a part of this network already, and Campus is now ready to host them and accelerate their growth.

Who’s based at Campus?

Startups! We're mainly a community of startups from the Google for Startups programs alumni network and from our partners, Tetuan Valley and SeedRocket.

Who are your partners at Campus?

Campus operates on an open-source model by collaborating with partners from the global startup ecosystem. At Google for Startups Campus in Madrid, we have two resident accelerators: SeedRocket and Tetuan Valley, along with their community startups.

What Google teams can you find at Campus?

Our most valuable, unique offering for startups are Google’s products and best practices. That’s why Campus has integrated Google, and resident startups will be able to find support from teams, like Google Cloud or Google Ads. These teams will be working from Campus to be closer to the startups and offer trainings and one-on-one Office Hours to help speed up their business growth with the best tools and resources.

Are there other startups?

Early-stage startups with social impact from Google.org’s program in collaboration with Asoka and female founders from the Female Startup Leaders community will also be rotating at Campus. You'll also be able to find some startups from the communities of Valencia (through Startup Valencia), Basque Country (Biscay Startup Bay), and other Spanish regions through partners like South Summit.

How to get involved

What kind of events do you hold at Campus?

Until further notice, our event spaces will be limited to events hosted by or in collaboration with Google and our partners. Most of them are open to the wider community and you can check upcoming events on our events page. We hope to open again for community events in the near future.

Who selects Campus residents?

To become Google for Startups Resident, startups need to apply to our programs and go through a selection process led by the Google for Startups team and a committee made of experienced founders, investors, and experts. Startups hosted by our partners Tetuan Valley and SeedRocket are selected by their teams through the application process for their respective programs.

How can I learn about Campus programs and apply?

To stay up to date with the launch of new programs and any other opportunities, you can follow us on Twitter: @GoogleStartupES and subscribe to our newsletter. Applications will be through Campus Madrid.  

More about Campus

Why can’t I access Campus if I have a Startup Cafe badge?

The Spanish ecosystem has evolved in the past years, so Google for Startups adapted to continue supporting startups in the best way. The rapid growth of our alumni startup community and our partners, with more than 150 startups together in both networks, has generated the need to prioritize our resources for them so they can continue their growth with greater access to the space they need.

However, there will still be other opportunities at Campus for non-residents, such as our Startup School trainings or access to Office Hours with Google teams.

Do startups have to use Google technologies to be a part of Campus?

Not at all. We welcome startups using all platforms and technologies and host events focused on a vast array of products and platforms.

Community guidelines

Campus is for startups

To us, startups are tech-based, high-growth, innovative, and risk-taking businesses. They attract a unique kind of person—the kind who sees problems as opportunities and then takes action to fix them. Campus is a space for those types of people. It’s not a university library, nor is it a regular cafe, so we ask that all our members are engaged in building startups or thrilled to work, support, and connect with other startups from our community.

Be open and be curious

Step out of your comfort zone, meet your neighbors, ask questions and embrace serendipity. If you want feedback on your app, ask the person next to you. Don’t be afraid to say hello to a stranger in the coffee queue. Greet newcomers as new friends. These little actions add up to a community that is warm, open, and ready to support.

Be kind

Treat other members and the staff with respect. Help others before you help yourself. Look after one another and our building. Be comfortable in our space but also be respectful of it. Please keep it tidy and clean up after yourself. Always remember it's a collaborative space, where all members share the same sense of responsibility over it.

Pay it forward

Our community is full of entrepreneurs at different stages of their startup journey. We collectively expect each other to both give and get something from our culture. Give energy. Give ideas. Give advice. Give encouragement. And expect others to give you the same.