Startup School: Business Model Mastering

Business Model Mastering is part of Startup School offering, focusing on efficiency of business model. This business acceleration program contains five biweekly interactive workshops during which you will receive knowledge, tools and guidance on how to use them practically to increase the efficiency of your business model.

For who?

Startup School: Business Model Mastering aims at B2C startups in their growth phase (min. one year on the market and already generating revenue) who don’t want to continue to manage their business intuitively and feel that they need a structured approach to run their company and accelerate their growth. CEOs are required to attend all sessions. 

What to expect?

Startup School: Business Model Mastering offers knowledge, tools and practical coaching to master business model (based on lean canva) and to design transformation plan. Each session is interactive and contains transfer of knowledge, tools and coaching from experienced experts, real life case studies, and discussions. Program requires teamwork (up to 3 people from the team) during sessions and in between focusing on the post work. Startups graduate from this program with a ready to use business model and the implementation road map. All sessions are held online via Google Hangout.

What will you learn?

  • you will develop a strategic audit of your current business model
  • you will receive ordered knowledge and tools for effective management of the company's business model
  • you will learn to identify key areas of change and priorities in the current model
  • you will design an effective development plan based on the company's priorities

Key dates

Application window: 24th June - 26th July

Startup selection announcement: July 31th

Program duration: 

1st session: business model - September 2nd

2nd session: segmentation - September 16th

3rd session: value proposition & brand - September 30th

4th session: sales & marketing - October 14th

5th session: feedback - October 21st

Remote pre-work deadline: August 28th

Hosted By: Google for Startups
Event Language: English
Date and Time

Wednesday, 02, September 2020 12:00 pm -
Wednesday, 21, October 2020 12:00 pm

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