Founders Academy by Google for Startups, 2nd edition

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Apply by April 13, 2020.

What to expect?

We develop thoughtful, future-ready leaders of global startups.

The Founders Academy, part of the Google for Startups offering, is a set of unique-to-Google programs to help founders become better leaders. We aim to develop deeply-human leaders who see further, think wider, and guide others to step up to the demands of tomorrow's users and global society. 



This program is designed for exceptional Central & Eastern European founders. We look for the key founder mindset, rather than specific startup achievements. You need to manage at least six people directly on your team — but might have as many (or more) than 206 direct reports, too! We look for those who are open for the next level of development, and that are up for this kind of raw, self-aware challenge.



Applications are open until April 13th, followed by interviews with the selected finalists.

Founders selected for this cohort of Founder’s Academy will be announced on 13th May via an email.  

We want to ensure a well-mesh and supportive group of up to 20 participants. In a trusted group, you will get a chance to share your experience as a leader, voice your opinions, and draw support from a strong network of peers and professional coaches to help you continue growing as a successful leader.


Founders Academy is designed for exceptional entrepreneurs dedicated to honing their leadership abilities. The program includes:

  • 3 in-person meetings (September, October/November, January)
  • Community of up to 20 exceptional founders from CEE region
  • Workshops with a renown leadership coach Punit Aggarwal 


NEW DATES - September

Badowo Village and Google for Startups Campus in Warsaw

Phase 1 of the Founders Academy curriculum is designed to help deepen your awareness of your strengths and identify areas for improvement as a leader. Coaches will provide techniques to help you work through your leadership challenges. The 360-degree anonymous feedback survey done by at least 5 people from your startup Team will help you understand how you are perceived as a leader and what you should work on.

The program will also provide you with self-care tools and techniques to take care of your own well-being through reflection, open-mindedness, and connecting with others on a personal level. You’ll explore your own wellness challenges, address fears that may drive your behavior, and build a plan to help you structure meaningful changes in your life.     


2. VISION: Inspiration from a thriving ecosystem

NEW DATES - October/November

New York trip

In the second part of the cohort, we’ll travel to NYC to meet successful entrepreneurs in the U.S. ecosystem and experience leadership in new contexts that challenge your personal beliefs and mindset. 

In this four-day boot camp, you will have a chance to meet with Google experts, successful startup founders, and international investors.


NEW DATES - January 2021

Google for Startups Campus in Warsaw

From the early days of Google, our mission founders aimed to organize the world’s information. This has not changed even after 20 years and hundreds of new products along the way. We believe the mission helped us to focus on what matters the most for our company and achieve such a huge success. 

You will be asked to define your vision and mission, and explain why you do what you do. The framework will help you to define what your startup is trying to achieve, and help you set clear and actionable goals. 


The program runs in a variety of locations: from a remote Polish idyllic cottage, to Google for Startups Campus Warsaw, to the heart of New York City. Locations are selected to allow you to disconnect from your day-to-day and build community with other members of the cohort.   


*The program is equity-free. Travel costs are covered by the participants. Google provides the accommodation in Badowo and NYC, as well as the external speakers involved in the curriculum. 


Punit Aggarwal: a trusted CEO coach and Google’s former Head of Entrepreneur Development, Punit will lead participants through a session on effective decision-making. Punit coaches founders to develop leadership talent and enhance executive presence, well-being, and emotional intelligence, with a goal of helping participants develop a framework to make better decisions as startup founders. 

Join Us at Founders Academy.  

Apply here by April 13, 2020. 

Hosted By: Google for Startups
Event Language: English
Date and Time

Monday, 13, April 2020
9:00 am - 11:30 pm

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