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Founders Academy

Equipping APAC women founders with leadership skills to grow their startups.

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About the program

Founders Academy is a 12-week, skill-building mentorship program for women-led startups in APAC. It is designed to help founders improve their leadership skills, strengthen their team relationships, and address their unique growth challenges including capital and funding. Through group workshops and 1:1 coaching run by Google advisors and industry experts, we aim to help founders solve roadblocks and take their companies to the next level. All workshops and coaching sessions will be in English.

Entry criteria

Google for Startups is looking for growth-stage startups, fulfilling the following criteria.

    • An APAC-based startup with at least one woman founder
    • Building an innovative and scalable product or service
    • Demonstrating traction (users, revenue)
    • Ideally between Seed to Series A stage
    • Willing to give back and contribute to the local startup community
    • Fully committed to the entire duration of the program (minimum of three hours per week)

Key benefits

  • Workshops and skill-building sessions

    Through hands-on learning, we share Google’s methodologies to tackle key challenges for women-led startups.

  • Networking and mentorship

    To connect and empower founders, we bring together a community of Google advisors, venture capitalists, as well as business and culture executives. With a women-focused approach, selected startups will work with a dedicated mentor to help address their unique challenges.

Meet our 2022 cohort

Women-founded startups from Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, and Singapore

Meet our alums


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