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Google for Startups Growth Academy

Growth Academy

Empowering startups to scale sustainably in a constantly changing world.

Program Overview

Google for Startups Growth Academy is a virtual, six-week program teaching companies effective growth strategies (see topics below). It’s designed in partnership with Growth Academy Europe and features courses taught by industry leaders from Silicon Valley and Europe.

Though 74% of digital professionals have never applied growth marketing or hacking, startups with dedicated growth skills outperform companies that lack them. That’s why we launched Growth Academy to address this challenge and provide solutions for growing startups.

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Program Highlights

Over the course of the six weeks, selected startups will learn cutting-edge growth strategy frameworks and how to apply them through a series of virtual calls with experts, group trainings, case study discussions, and expert talks in weekly sessions of two and a half hours each. They will also be paired with a dedicated Google growth advisor who will provide individualized support tailored to each startup's unique needs.

Featured Topics

  • Growth Models and Retention

    Grow your startup and retain more customers.

  • Acceleration Loops

    Build systems for faster and more sustainable growth.

  • Increasing Customer Acquisitions

    Expand your startup's growth model with efficiency.

  • Growth Strategies and Experiments

    Identify and optimize opportunities for growth.

  • Improving User Experience with Science

    Enhance your startup's growth with science and data.

  • Building an Inclusive Culture at Scale

    Create diverse, inclusive, and collaborative teams.

São Paulo

Who Should Apply

Growth Academy is designed for the participation of startup growth leaders, that can either be the startup founder/co-founder or an experienced leader heading the growth team, product marketing team, or a growth product management team. The program is exclusive for Google startup clients and up to two members from each startup will be allowed to participate.

Program Timeline

  • Program Dates

    The program starts on April 26th and runs through June 10, 2021. It will be fully virtual.

  • Time Commitment

    In total, there is a time commitment of about three hours per week for the participants and at least 1 hour of working sessions each week with a Growth Advisor.

Selection Criteria

  • Startups at the scale-up stage with proven traction in their market (users and/or revenue).

  • Startups with aggressive growth targets for the first quarter of 2021.

  • Startups with online media as one of their core growth channels.

  • Startups with dedicated growth teams supporting company growth who demonstrate agility to implement the program’s learnings.

  • Startups available to attend all program sessions.

  • Participants who have at least intermediate-level English proficiency. The program will include English-speaking experts.

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Featured Program Facilitators

Growth Academy is led by Nikolas Vogt (Former Global Growth Marketing Lead, Google Assistant). The program also features talks by Google growth experts who will be announced soon.

More Program Benefits

  • Selected startups will have access to the full online program up to a year after completing it.

  • Selected startups who complete the program will earn a Growth Expert Certificate from Growth Academy Europe, which is endorsed by Google for Startups.

  • Selected startups will join the Google for Startups alumni network and a community of Brazil’s growth experts.

  • The program is free and equity free.

Meet the Startups

  • Alice

    Alice is the first individual health management solution in Brazil. Alice's members are accompanied by a Health Team that can be accessed in-person or through the app, whenever the person wants.

  • Alura

    Alura is a platform of virtual technology courses based on the belief that education and technology have the power to transform people and their careers.

  • Gorila

    Gorila is a web and mobile platform for investment control. Aimed at investors and investment professionals, it's possible to connect Gorila with financial institutions and/or include assets manually and track earnings.

  • Méliuz

    Méliuz is a technology company that created a cashback marketplace for e-commerce and financial services.

  • mLabs

    The most cost-effective SaaS platform for managing social media in one place. With mLabs it is possible to have more productivity and engagement with social media.

  • Nuvemshop

    Nuvemshop is the most popular e-commerce platform in Latin America for entrepreneurs and brands that seek to launch, promote, and grow their businesses virtually. Nuvemshop connects them directly to their customers.

  • Revelo

    Revelo is a talent marketplace that connects companies to vetted software engineers. We partner with hundreds of companies from around the world, helping them scale their engineering teams quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Take Blip

    Be where consumers are, on the channels they prefer. With 20+ years of experience, Take Blip offers the best conversational solutions, chatbots, and smart contacts for brands.