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Startup School: Gaming

Join Spain's first virtual gaming program.

About the program

Startup School: Gaming, Spain's first virtual mobile gaming program, is here. The 12-month program targets high-potential startups and innovators looking to change the gaming industry. With support from Google mentors and leading industry partners, it offers virtual sessions that help startups design great games, connect with users, and scale their businesses.

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Key benefits

Startup School: Gaming is designed around the key products, connections, and practices, which offer the best of Google to selected startups.

  • Design great games

    • Mobile gaming ecosystem
    • Cloud for gaming
    • Measuring success: firebase
    • Gameplay and experience design
    • Data science and BI
    • Unity game development
    • External tools and partners
  • Connect with users

    • Play monetization
    • Smarter monetization with Admob
    • Data-driven UX for monetization
    • Play updates
    • Building a community with YouTube
    • Export deep dives
  • Scale your startup

    • Google App promotion campaign deep dive
    • Google Analytics firebase
    • Creative Strategy deep dive
    • Mobile gaming growth opportunity: insights
    • Monitoring games' KPIs
  • Get inspired

    • Focus Area: success
    • Client panel
    • Company growth:
      • Hiring and culture
      • Retaining talent
      • Tech partners
      • Publishers

Upcoming virtual sessions

Find out more about Google for Startups Virtual Sessions. These help selected startups to boost their business with hands-on, structured methods, as well as product information, tailored content, and a 360-degree approach.

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