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"We know 2020 has been a difficult year, marked by an unprecedented global health crisis. In turn, this has meant new challenges for everyone across the world.

The huge economic crisis we now face has illuminated the resilience and adaptability of the Spanish business ecosystem and our entrepreneurs who play a vital role in it. Startups are a core pillar for Spain's economic recovery. They generate value, jobs, and new business opportunities that—through tech-based solutions—continue to bolster the economy.

At Google for Startups, we've learned that digital tools are critical in the face of new challenges. That's why we've adapted to remain vital to entrepreneurs and give them the necessary support to continue growing exponentially in this new stage.

Following our philosophy of accepting challenges as they arise and seeing new opportunities even in turbulent times, at Google for Startups, we invite you to reflect on the ways you've learned this past year.

To show the work of our entrepreneurs and the Google for Startups team during 2020, I'd like to share the economic data that gives value to the time, dedication, and effort invested with a common purpose: the economic impulse of our entrepreneurial ecosystem."

- Sofia Benjumea Head of Google for Startups, Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Achievements of startups in the Google for Startups community in Spain during 2020

Campus Madrid Impact Report 2020 Impact Data Google for Startups

Impact Data

747 new jobs created by Campus startups. 6,333 since 2015.

21% directly attributed to Google for Startups support.

€64.5M raised by community startups in 2020. > €744M raised since 2015.

33.8% directly attributed to Google for Startups support.

Free training

36 startups were selected for Google for Startups' in-depth programs (Residency and Growth Academy: TravelTech).

20,311 participants in open sessions of Startup School: Restart and Startup School: Gaming.
25 virtual sessions for the whole community of startups.

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A diverse ecosytem

40% of Google for Startups members are women.

41% of our alumni startups have women on their founding team.

Explore our Success Stories

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What they do:

From a digital travel agency for companies, working with Artificial Intelligence, Triporate launched in 2020 to offer their technology to other agencies to make travelers' experience easier, faster, and more comfortable.


  • In 2018 they managed 450 trips per month; in 2019 it was 1,600 and in 2020 they reached more than 5,000 trips per month
  • Thanks to the tool TensorFlow, they have managed to make the travel agencies’ processes 10 times more efficient.
  • The implementation of their technology in Google Workspace allows them to digitize, processes, and multiply by four the daily requests they attend


What they do:

Sepiia is a smart clothing brand that combines fashion, technology, and sustainability.


  • They've reached 53% less carbon footprint in their clothes than other brands
  • During the first months of the pandemic, they donated their fabrics to produce 10,000 face masks for healthcare professionals
  • They used Google Trends and Google Analytics to better understand their customers, channeled that information through Google Ads, and managed to triple their sales
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Passporter founders, Impact Report, Campus Madrid, Google for Startups


What they do:

Passporter is the tool that accompanies travelers during all the phases of their trips. Through a community of travelers, Passporter makes the experience of the trip easy, simple, and orderly.


  • Their team has grown from 8 to 16 members
  • They are currently present in 60 destinations and will increase to 150 in 2021
  • They estimate to close 2021 with 1M users in Europe

Stories from 2020

In the context of economic recovery, startups are more valuable than ever. They're agents of change that, with the help of technology, are capable of generating growth through their capacity of innovation, agility, and creativity.

In 2020, founders in the Google for Startups community have tackled unprecedented challenges and have managed to get the most out of unexpected opportunities.

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