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Startup School Trainings

Join trainings to learn how Google's tools can work for your growing startup.

Program Overview

The Google for Startups: Startup School is a series of hands-on trainings for founders and their teams. Combining business goals with metrics to run data-driven companies, the program equips leaders with the tools and skills to advance and scale their startups. The trainings, which run two to three times per week, introduce startups to Google’s diverse tools (including Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Cloud). Founders will learn how to use these tools to support their businesses and join trainings on digital marketing and business strategy led by Googlers, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders from around the world.

Google Analytics

Use data to better understand your customers

  • Google Analytics: Part 1 - Why and how to start?

    In this introductory session, you'll learn your way around Google Analytics, key dimensions and metrics, target segments, as well as create reports.

  • Google Analytics: Part 2 - Getting familiar with reports

    Explore Google Analytics and its reporting interface. Learn Google Analytics' capabilities, how to generate traffic, and how to track your campaigns using UTM tagging.

  • Meet GA4 - The next generation of Google Analytics

    Become familiar with the foundations of Google Analytics 4 (the latest version), learn how to implement analytics on your website, new reporting, and analysis features.

Google Ads

Expand your product’s reach

  • Google Ads: Part 1 - Let's start!

    Learn best practices for building a Google Ads campaign, creating keyword lists, and creating optimal ad copy. We'll also review landing page requirements and show how to set up your pages for success.

  • Google Ads: Part 2 - How to manage Google Ads effectively?

    In Part 2 of Google Ads, get familiar with key metrics, the campaign creation process, the best settings and tools for your goals, and how to use conversion tracking to measure performance.

  • How to Advertise on YouTube

    Want to promote your brand on YouTube? This session explores YouTube's marketing potential and shows you how to use Google Ads to maximize your campaigns.

  • Reach More Users with Google Ads Network

    This session looks at the Google Display Network and unlocking opportunities to reach users as they browse their favorite websites, videos, and mobile apps.

More trainings

Discover other Google tools to help grow your startup

  • Introduction to Google Data Studio

    Data Studio is Google’s free dashboard and reporting tool that allows you to visualize data in an appealing, user-friendly way. Learn how your startup can tell its story using data.

  • Introduction to Google Tag Manager

    Learn how you can get the most out of Google Tag Manager to drive greater online marketing performance, including how to set up tags, pull variables, and create triggers.

  • How to Get your Website Found on Google Search

    Want to learn how to get your website found on Google search? This session looks at the fundamentals of organic search and how to start driving traffic from search engines.

Google Cloud

Build and run your products

  • Google Cloud: Part 1 - Basics & Best Practices

    This session is an introduction to cloud computing. Gain an understanding of the key Google Cloud tools and services. Learn best practices, including how to choose the right storage options, databases, and manage costs.

  • Google Cloud: Part 2 - Cloud tools that startup love

    Learn more about Google Cloud services and how they can help your digital transformation journey, including the Google Kubernetes Engine, Machine Learning and AI tools, and Big Data solutions with Google Cloud.