Thanks for your interest in Startup School. These events are for founders and startup employees who want to learn more about how using Google's tools can help grow their businesses. Here are some of the Program's most frequently asked questions.

How do I sign up?

Here's how to sign up:

  • Click on the individual Startup School event (full list here) and register for the event. You will receive a confirmation email.
  • An hour before the event starts, we will send a reminder email with a sign-in link. If you are having difficulties, we recommend using Chrome for the sign-in link.
  • Once you sign in, the viewing link will be sent to you. Sometimes this step takes a few minutes—we appreciate your patience! Also, please be sure to check your spam folder.

Can I watch Startup School later?

Yes, the viewing link will remain active for 24 hours after the event so you can watch it in your own time, as long as you signed up and signed in before the event's start time.

Can I get a copy of the slides?

Sorry, we don’t share out the slides.

I’m going to be a few minutes late, can I still join the event?

Absolutely, we start each session a few minutes past the hour to account for this, but if you are late we recommend that you fast forward to make sure you’re in sync with the speaker, so you don’t miss any topics from the Q&A. Remember, if you are watching in real-time then you can ask questions.

I missed the session I really wanted to go to!

Don’t worry, we repeat our sessions regularly. So if you missed a session, we will repeat it within a few weeks. You can see all the available sessions here.

Where can I find more resources?

  • On the Grow with Google website, you’ll find tons of new tools and trainings to grow your business (created in cooperation with Coursera and many other partners).
  • The Google Marketing Platform helps you get the most out of your marketing (this is specifically tailored to small businesses).
  • Google Digital Garage offers courses to teach today's top in-demand skills in data and tech, digital marketing, and career development.
  • For developers, we have an entire platform dedicated to Google Developers Training.
  • Google For Education provides teaching resources to empower learning in the classroom and beyond.

What happens if I miss the first event of a series?

That’s fine! While some of the events build on previous sessions, they are designed so that anyone can follow along. Plus, the sessions repeat, so you can always catch up on previous sessions at a later date.

Why are these events only for startups?

We love to tailor our training materials and workshops so that everybody can have access to the content they need. Startup School is a program exclusively for startup founders to watch and ask questions. The size of these sessions is capped so all participants get an opportunity to ask questions and interact with the instructor. If you are interested in the trainings for SMBs or individuals, please visit the Grow with Google website, here.