Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our community has gone fully virtual. Google for Startups Campuses are currently closed until further notice.

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Google for Startups International Programs

This moment in time calls for entrepreneurship: for the ability to respond quickly to challenges, to provide solutions, to create and innovate in order to keep up with rapidly-changing user needs. Entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to recognize new paths and see possibilities beyond systems that aren't equipped to adapt to the uncertainties of an evolving world.

With the goal of helping startup founders seize their full potential to solve today's biggest challenges and boost local economies, Google for Startups is launching a set of programs designed to equip these founders with the right tools and skills from Google.

Because if they succeed, we all succeed.

Google for Startups Accelerator

Google for Startups Accelerator supports selected startups' growth and innovation. Through the program, we share our approach to building successful companies, our AI-first methodology, and best practices for leadership. We also connect selected startups to expert mentors from across the globe who can help them solve their top technical and product challenges.

Google for Startups Immersion: Black Founders

The Black Founders Immersion is a 12-week, skill-building mentorship program for ten high potential Black-founded startups selected from the UK and European startup community. Partnering experienced Googlers with selected Black-founded startups from the local ecosystem, this program is designed to better prepare Black founders to grow their businesses or raise their next rounds while further advancing their leadership skills.

Black founders are well-connected at a peer level within their eco-systems, but research has proven they consistently lack access to VCs and accelerator programs. This puts Black founders at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to raising funding and gaining the skills needed to scale their companies. Google for Startups is well-positioned to address these gaps through our programmatic efforts, partnerships, brand and marketing resources.

As part of the Google for Startups Immersion program, founders will have access to Google and industry-leading experts on everything from machine learning to growth strategies, and will work with dedicated mentors throughout the program to outline and address the main challenges facing their businesses. Founders will also be able to connect with the extensive Google for Startups community of founders from around the world, tapping into our network of high-potential and market disruptive companies.

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Google for Startups Immersion: Women Founders

Immersion: Women Founders is a mentorship-focused program connecting women-founded startups from across the world to the best of Google’s people, products, and practices.

Google for Startups’ mission is to level the playing field for underrepresented founders and help startups thrive across every corner of the world. We know that strong leaders build stronger businesses. However, women in entrepreneurship lack representation and visibility at a leadership level. As well as connecting female founders to each other, Immersion: Women Founders provides access to developmental opportunities, including VCs and accelerators. By focusing on leadership, connections, and growth, the program supports a powerful, global community of women, ensuring them better access to the resources they need to grow and succeed.

Google for Startups Immersion: Women Founders offers selected companies mentorship from carefully selected Google advisors, tailored content and workshops, VC connections and access to the global Google for Startups community to women-founded startups that want to level up.

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