Founders Academy

Program Overview

Founders Academy is a mentorship-focused program connecting women-founded startups from across the world to the best of Google. Beyond connecting the selected women-founded startups to each other, the program provides companies with access to growth opportunities and investors. In focusing on leadership, networking, and development, the program supports a powerful global community of women, equipping them with the resources they need to grow their startups.

Program Highlights

Founders Academy is designed around key themes to bring the best of Google to selected startups.

  • Set and Track OKRs

    Learn how to use Google’s goal-setting methodology to set ambitious targets and track progress.

  • Manage Technical Teams

    Discover how to create a bigger impact in the workplace. Founders learn new leadership tools to improve their goal-setting, team-building, and management skills.

  • Hire the Right Team

    Recruiting the right people for the team is critical to a startup’s success but no easy task. Founders learn how to make better, more inclusive hiring decisions through each stage of the process—from writing job descriptions and interviewing strategies to assembling hiring committees.

  • Product-Market Fit

    Adapt to new customer behavior and bring your company to the next level. Founders gain a more complete set of tools to help them navigate the challenges ahead.

  • Dedicated Leadership Coaching

    Especially in moments of crisis, effective team management is critical to a company’s success. Through methodologies and tools, founders learn how to keep up productivity even in uncertain times.

The 2020 DACH Alumni and their Startups

Nine women-founded startups from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

  • woman with brown hair smiling, Founders Academy, Google for Startups
    Annik Wolf

    Co-Founder at Steps

  • woman with blond hair looking at camera, Founders Academy, Google for Startups
    Charlotte Kufus

    Co-Founder & Managing Director at Legal OS

  • woman with brown hair smiling, Founders Academy, Google for Startups
    Hanna Marie Asmussen

    Co-founder and CEO at Localyze

  • woman with brown hair in bun smiling, Founders Academy, Google for Startups
    Klaudia Bachinger

    Founder and CEO of WisR

  • woman with blond hair up in ponytail smiling, Founders Academy, Google for Startups
    Naja von Schmude

    Founder at Peregrine Technologies

  • woman with brown hair smiling at camera, Founders Academy, Google for Startups
    Nina Patrick

    Co-Founder & CEO at MiProbes

  • woman with blond hair and arms crossed smiling, Founders Academy, Google for Startups
    Paulina Olsson

    Co-Founder & CEO at Peppy Pals

  • woman with blond hair smiling at camera, Founders Academy, Google for Startups
    Valerie Bures-Bönström

    Founder & CEO at VAHA

  • woman speaking on stage, Founders Academy, Google for Startups
    Vivien Dollinger

    Co-Founder & CEO at ObjectBox

  • Steps

    Steps provides effective medical aid to tackle foot malposition via affordable custom insoles online, enabling everyone to support their feet in a unique way.

  • Legal OS

    Legal OS provides a new data-driven infrastructure for legal firms to structure their knowledge in a digital, interactive database in order to automate the creation, workflow, and management of contracts.

  • Localyze

    Localyze is software that streamlines international mobility management for companies and offers employee mobility as a service to a growing client base, including companies like BCG DV and N26.

  • WisR

    WisR is a flex jobs platform for senior talents around the globe, offering an enterprise solution for corporates to stay in touch with their own pool of retired experts and enable easy access to a skilled workforce on demand.

  • Peregrine Technologies GmbH

    Peregrine Technologies is developing an AI technology to support insurers and transportation services by enabling cameras to gain real-time data and awareness of the surrounding world, creating a superior data set for advanced mobility analytics.

  • MiProbes Biotechnologies UG

    MiProbes is developing an easy-to-use, low cost, and hardware-free test for the COVID-19 infection which gives a response in less than an hour.

  • Peppy Pals

    Peppy Pals teaches kids ages two to six about social and emotional learning through storytelling and humor through language-free games, books, and movies. It was developed with kids, psychologists, and researchers.

  • VAHA

    VAHA brings flow to people's lives by providing access to personalized, immersive training sessions for body, mind, and nutrition at home through an interactive mirror.

  • ObjectBox

    ObjectBox is changing the world of Mobile and IoT by enabling Edge Computing with a database and synchronization solution 10X faster than any alternative and an exceptionally small footprint.

The 2020 EMEA Founders and their Startups

Eleven women-founded startups from Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Poland, Spain, and the UK

  • Blanca Vidal

    Co-Founder at Deplace

  • Lee Vanessa Butz

    Founder & CEO at District Technologies

  • Nina Julie Lepique

    Co-Founder & CEO at Femtasy

  • Francesca Hodgson

    Co-Founder at Goodbox

  • Pavlína Zychová

    Co-Founder & CEO at MyStay

  • Sarah Henley

    Co-Founder and COO at NextUp Comedy

  • Kinga Jentetics

    Co-Founder & CEO at PublishDrive

  • Zahra Shah

    Co-Founder at Seers

  • Maria-Liisa Bruckert

    Co-Founder and CCO at SQIN

  • Yael Shemer

    Co-Founder & CMO at TULU

  • Zuzanna Sielicka Kalczynska & Julia Sielicka Jastrzebska

    Co-Founders at Whisbear

  • Deplace

    Improving the homebuying and selling experience, making it more transparent, safe, and economical.

  • District Technology

    Empowering workplaces with a digital platform where users can engage with and have access to the latest news, amenities, community features, and more.

  • Femtasy

    The first platform for sensual audio content for women, taking a mind-first approach to sexuality based on data-driven research.

  • GoodBox

    Changing the world of philanthropy by connecting donors with the causes they care about.

  • MyStay

    Simplifying hotel management and improving guests’ experience with a digital platform that automates all the guest-hotel interactions, from check-in to customer review.

  • NextUpComedy

    Transforming the market of live comedy by bringing acts to a global audience of comedy fans via high-quality apps.

  • Publish Drive

    The best digital publishing platform to publish, market, and manage royalties for ebooks, print, and audiobooks.

  • Seers

    The UK's leading privacy and consent management platform to help companies protect themselves and become compliant worldwide.

  • SQIN

    Beauty tech company changing the world of beauty retail by creating the world’s #1 beauty community app.

  • Tulu

    Setting up smart rooms in apartment buildings that are filled with household and lifestyle products that can be rented by the hour, day, or longer.

  • Whisbear

    Improving babies' sleep health and quality by introducing smart solutions and innovation to baby sleep aids.

The 2020 APAC Alumni and their Startups

Seven women-founded startups from Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and India

  • Afia Fitriati

    Co-founder and CEO of Gadjian

  • Hanna Kim

    Founder and CEO of Grip

  • Sonja Johar

    Co-founder and CTO of Halosis

  • Kyoko Otawa

    Co-founder and CEO of Latona

  • Jungeun You

    Founder and CEO of Mabo

  • Machi Takahashi

    Founder and Co-CEO of Stroly

  • Khushboo Aggarwal

    Co-founder of Zyla

  • Gadjian

    Gadjian is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application that helps SMEs’ HR operations, such as keeping track of their employees’ pay and income tax deductions.

  • Grip

    Grip offers a high-quality live streaming e-commerce platform where sellers can seamlessly interact with their online customers.

  • Halosis

    Halosis offers a fast, simple and personal e-commerce solution that helps businesses convert social media chats into sales.

  • Latona

    Latona provides an automated system using edge computing solutions for factories and unmanned retail stores for a more secure and cost-effective environment.

  • Mabo

    Mabo is a guided mindfulness meditation app that offers a safe space for users to connect with others and individually practice mindfulness to improve their mental wellbeing.

  • Stroly

    Stroly is an online platform that offers illustrated maps with real-time GPS data for entertainment, lifestyle, and travel-related purposes.

  • Zyla

    Zyla is a digital healthcare management platform that offers personalized, real-time service for patients managing chronic diseases.