Google for Startups Accelerator

Google for Startups Accelerator

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About Google for Startups Accelerator

Program Overview

Google for Startups EMEA Accelerator supports selected startups' growth and innovation. Through the program, we share our approach to building successful companies, our AI-first methodology, and best practices for leadership. We also connect selected startups to expert mentors from across the globe who can help them solve their top technical and product challenges.

Program Highlights

  • Google's Products

    We offer personalized support, education, and training on Google products (Google Play, Firebase, AdMob, Google Cloud, AdWords UAC, YouTube) to give startups the tools to build their businesses simply and quickly.

  • Google's Connections

    We connect startups to Googlers, fellow founders, and to our community to give them the network they need to grow. Google for Startups has partners in over 135 countries to support startups with global ambitions.

  • Google's Best Practices

    From OKR-setting and hiring to product management, we share our best practices to support the strategic and measurable growth of your business at scale.

  • Google's Insights

    We share insights about gaming users from our research and work with gaming companies from across the world.

Selected startups receive:

  • Equity-free participation in Accelerator
  • Mentoring from 20+ Google teams
  • Training on design, people, products, and growth marketing
  • Access to Google’s global network of experts and mentors
  • Support on high-level company and product strategy
  • Google Cloud credits and early access to new services

The Accelerator helps startups solve specific technical challenges with Google resources.

Startups in the Google for Startups Accelerator program are paired with Googlers and industry experts to solve their top challenges.

Selected startups receive tailored mentorship and support from relevant Google teams to address business, marketing, technical, and machine learning challenges.

The Accelerator includes 1:1 mentorship and workshops focused on technology, product design, business growth, customer acquisition, and leadership development.

The Accelerator's technical offerings and measurable impact on startups set this program apart.

Discover our alumni

Discover our alumni

Google for Startups Accelerator offers a wide variety of trainings, workshops, mentoring sessions, and discussions to provide startups with support on a strategic technical project, specific to the company’s immediate growth. Meet the startups who took part in our acceleration programs.

"I really appreciated the mentors’ support. They helped us see our blind spots. This kind of knowledge only comes from industry leaders with high-level expertise. Contrary to what you may think, the boot camp is a community. We didn't just learn and listen, but we actively contributed, shared, and, ultimately, improved our startup. It also helped us bond as a team. Not only did we leave with an improved product, but we left with a better understanding of ourselves."

- Tina Bychkova, Head of Digital Marketing at Synctuition

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“I felt like every moment of the Accelerator forced me to reflect on why I founded my startup and what I wanted to achieve. By discussing our goals and challenges with Google mentors, reexamining our management style, and adopting the OKR processes from the Founders Lab, we reimagined what our startup could be. These experiences were a driving force behind our adapting to the COVID-19 shock.”

Aki Higuchi, Founder and CEO, Selan Inc.

Selan Inc. offers bilingual instruction to improve children’s educational outcomes and drive women's success.