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Black Founders Fund

A Google for Startups initiative giving access to funding to Black-founded startups in Europe.

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About the initiative

If we want technology to work for everyone, it needs to be built by everyone. Black founders in Europe disproportionately lack access to the networks and capital needed to grow their businesses. In 2020, with less than .5% of venture capital (VC) funding going to Black-led startups, Google announced the Black Founders Fund. Applications for the latest $4M Black Founders Fund in Europe are now open until April 17th (23:59 GMT). Find out more and apply below. Founders will receive up to $100K in equity-free cash, up to an additional $200K in Cloud Credits, and access to the best of Google—people, products, and best practices.

Initiative impact

In 2021, the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund invested $2M into 30 Black led-startups in Europe. Since then, those startups have gone on to raise $63M+ in follow-on funding, hired more staff, and grown their revenues.

Who should apply

If your product is in-market, and you’re ready to fundraise we want to hear from you. The Black Founders Fund is for startups led by founders who self-identify as Black and are based in Europe. Applications close on April 17th (23:59 GMT).

Initiative benefits

  • The best of Google

    We connect founders with the very best of Google's people, products and best practices.

  • Access to capital

    Up to $100,000 in equity-free cash will be awarded to each startup.

  • Global community

    At its core, the Black Founders Fund is a global initiative. Selected founders have the opportunity to connect with founders from all over the world.


What is the total value of cash awards and credits each selected startup will receive?

No two startups are alike. That's why the investment value will depend on each startup's stage and current needs.

My startup has already received an investment. Can I still apply?

Yes, funding will be awarded based on each startup's needs and situation regardless of the funding cycle.

How do I apply?

How do I become a member of the Google for Startups community?

Follow us on social and sign up for our newsletter to learn how to become a part of the community.

If my startup is selected will Google be an investor and a partner?

No, we're offering funding and credit awards that are equity-free. That means we won't be taking a shareholding in selected startups. In other words, we'll be an ally in supporting your startup's growth but not a formal partner. We won't have any financial return on the funding.

Is the fund only for tech startups?

The fund is designed to help grow Black-founded tech businesses with a live product in-market or a startup for which technology is core to its mission. It's not for consultancies or not-for-profits.

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